Carrier Class Green Infrastructure

Location: Willow Grove, PA
Member Level: Business Affiliate
Campus Engagement
CarrierClass Green Infrastructure provides businesses with innovative, off-grid solar solutions. CCGI’s flagship product, the ConnecTable, has been engineered to reliably harness solar energy and provide truly off-grid charging for electronic devices nearly anywhere, anytime. The ConnecTable comes in two unique models- the Hub and the Cafe, both of which provide high-quality, durable charging retreats to campuses nationwide. Universities that are looking to go green and increase their sustainability should contact us to inquire about our solar charging tables. Students can charge their laptops and mobile devices while sitting outside under the sun. Malls and parks can also become more eco-friendly with addition of one of ConnecTable models, which come in different sizes. Green campus sustainability is very important to many schools, and they dedicate an entire department or team to the effort. We support this initiative and continue to help schools become energy efficient.
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Name Sunny Dublick
Title Marketing
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