Climate Remediation Foundation

Location: Cambridge, MA
Member Level: None
Air & Climate
CRF is a non-politically aligned organization focused on addressing and educating the greater public on the harmful effects of climate change. It works with other like-minded organizations to bring about change and a major focus is the amount of Carbon Dioxide pollution currently being admitted into our atmosphere. We are a proponent of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the California Cap-and-Trade Program and the European Union Emission Trading System. Soli® is a consumer rewards program that fights climate change by keeping two pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere for every dollar spent. “It Pays to Save the Planet.” The Soli® mission is to leverage consumer spending to reduce CO2 emissions, fight climate change, and support a sustainable business community. SoliPointsTM: A big idea addressing a big need.
Contact Info
Name Lilliane LeBel
Title EVP
Mailing Address 125 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 1649
Cambridge, MA 02238-1649