Eagle Protect PBC

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Member Level: Business Affiliate
Dining Services
Eagle Protect is a food safety company with a sustainability focus, helping customers reduce glove waste, carbon emissions and water usage through the use of high-quality products and process. Eagle is the world’s only disposable glove and clothing specialist to be B Corp Certified and certified Child Labor Free. Eagle Protect is a disposable glove and clothing supplier focused on food safety while minimizing the industry’s environmental impact. Supplying ethically sourced, higher-quality gloves and better processes enhance food safety and reduce glove consumption, associated waste and cost. In addition, overall water use and carbon emissions are also reduced.
Contact Info
Name Kimberly Burton
Title Customer Advocate & Sales
Email info@eagleprotect.com
Mailing Address 3079 Harrison Ave #21
South Lake Tahoe, California 96150