Foam Cycle LLC

Location: Augusta, NJ
Member Level: Business Affiliate
Air & Climate
Foam Cycle is the first patent-pending foam (aka Styrofoam) collection, densifying and recycling system designed to be placed outdoors so no building is required. This complete turnkey system will allow your college or university the ability to collect foam from various strategic locations throughout your campus with the use of our Foam Cycle Collection Container. Packaging foam is regularly shipped inside of cardboard boxes that show up in dorm rooms throughout the year. Foodservice foam has been the target of municipal and city bans across the country. Our goal is to assist your school in its sustainability goals like Zero Waste, No Landfill initiative or to start a Circular Economy Recycling program. Foam recycling can also help lower a schools waste removal costs. Watch our video, send us an email, and we will send you a detailed brochure on the Foam Cycle system and pricing along with samples of the densified foam and the recycled products its turned into.
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Name Renee Garrin
Title Foam Cycle College Campus Recycling Coordinator
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Augusta, NJ