Location: New York, NY
Member Level: Business Affiliate
Air & Climate
A DER Project Facilitation Platform. GridMarket's mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean, distributed and affordable energy system. We leverage a proprietary platform (powered by big data, predictive analytics and machine learning) to help property owners identify and maximize opportunities to reap the financial, resiliency and environmental benefits of DERs--solar PV, battery storage, CHP, fuel cells, wind power, etc. Our process covers every stage of DER project development, from opportunity analysis, to project design, to running RFPs through our competitive marketplace of top-tier solutions providers, to assistance with vendor selection and contract negotiation. Originally created in NYC as part of a public-private partnership with Con Edison, NYSERDA and the EDC, GridMarket currently works worldwide with large energy consumers in every business sector. Educational campuses are prime candidates to benefit from DERs and we have worked successfully with quite a few.
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Name Lisa Ableman
Title Director of Community Outreach & Customer Engagement
Mailing Address 4 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010