Pharos Systems International

Location: Rochester, NY
Member Level: Business Leader
At Pharos, sustainability is in our DNA. Our purpose is to help business leaders optimize the use of resources consumed in printing. We have a direct and measureable impact on resources like paper, energy, toner and human labor, and an indirect impact on water, fossil fuel, electronics manufacturing and other elements of the supply chain. A mindful print solution from Pharos Systems results in less printing, fewer devices and users who understand the impact of their choice to print. Our solutions not only save organizations a lot of money, but also shrink their carbon footprint. Build your mindful print solution on vendor-neutral FACTS that you understand and control. Start with Pharos Beacon™. Pharos is the only company in the industry that’s a Certified B Corp, helping to redefine success in business by voluntarily meeting higher social and ecological standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.
Contact Info
Name Dale McIntyre
Title VP, Sustainability | Marketing
Mailing Address 80 Linden Oaks, Suite 310
Rochester, New York 14625