Location: Cambridge, MA
Member Level: Business Affiliate
Air & Climate
Soli® is a consumer rewards program that fights climate change. For every dollar a consumer spends, s/he receives reward points and keeps two pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere. ‘It Pays to Save the Planet’. Its mission is to leverage consumer spending to reduce CO2 emissions, fight climate change, and support a sustainable business community. SoliPointsTM: A big idea addressing a big need. Soli® has been designed for academic institutions to be able to take credit for the direct reduction of carbon emissions resulting from the purchasing of daily goods and services by its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The system accurately measures the amount of carbon reduced with each sales dollar spent in purchases from Soli merchants at retail or online, and it scales quickly into meaningful impact. The expectation is that each campus will achieve its carbon neutrality objectives well before mandated dates.
Contact Info
Name Lilliane LeBel
Mailing Address 125 Mount Auburn St Ste 1649
Cambridge, MA 02238-7122